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Braces for Adults and Children

Braces for Adults and Children in Elk Grove - Nimrat Heir, DDS, MA - Laguna Palms Orthodontics

Metal bracket-and-wire braces are a proven method of adjusting misaligned teeth and bites for patients of all ages. Whether patients are children or adults, this treatment can be customized with a variety of appliances to correct even severe cases of crowding, gaps, and malocclusion.

At Laguna Palms Orthodontics, Nimrat Heir, DDS, MA provides comprehensive orthodontic care through traditional braces and appliances to help patients achieve ideally healthy and aesthetic smiles. If you would like to schedule an exam and consultation with our Elk Grove braces provider, contact our practice today.

Guided Dental Alignment through Early Orthodontics

Younger patients benefit greatly from treatment provided during the growth and formation of their jaw. We provide a range of appliances and treatments that ensure adult teeth have enough room to descend, without creating crowding or discomfort. These appliances can expand the palate, allowing the ideal cosmetics and alignment, and move the jaw forward or back into healthy position.

Early orthodontics from our Elk Grove orthodontist lessens the amount of treatment necessary later on. In certain cases, we are even able to avoid the need for braces and other orthodontic appliances altogether.

Traditional Metal and Porcelain Braces

Metal and porcelain braces are able to correct the widest variety of issues with teeth aesthetic and function, as well as bite alignment. With extensive experience in the field of orthodontics, Dr. Heir provides orthodontic treatments that are targeted to patients’ specific health needs and personal goals. We explain how long treatment is expected to last for each patient, as well as the best methods for caring for braces at home. 

During the course of orthodontics, patients attend regular appointments to have archwires adjusted, moving teeth into proper alignment. With each follow-up visit to our office, patients will be able to choose the color of their orthodontic bands. These bands can reflect a patient’s favorite color, or else be silver and white to lessen the visual effect of the appliances. Porcelain braces provide the additional benefit of discrete treatment, as they blend with the natural teeth.

Maintaining Alignment

Once treatment has concluded, retainers are necessary to maintain alignment. At Laguna Palms Orthodontics, we provide a number of options to prevent teeth from shifting out of position. Removable retainers are easy to clean and can be worn at night or throughout the day as necessary for each individual patient. Permanent bonded retainers can also be used to provide continued orthodontic support, without needing to be removed or replaced, and without being visible in the smile.

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