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Laguna Palms Orthodontics - Dr. Nimrat Heir is Your Expert Adult & Children Orthodontist in Elk Grove

Dr. Nimrat Heir and our team at Laguna Palms Orthodontics are committed to orthodontic services that help patients to achieve their smile goals. Our Elk Grove orthodontist provides comprehensive treatment for patients of all ages, using full-service orthodontics through both traditional oral appliances and discreet modern aligners. 

Laguna Orthodontic Services to Meet Your NeedsElk Grove Orthodontist

At Laguna Palms Orthodontics, our services are driven by our patients’ personal goals. Whether you are simply looking for aesthetic corrections for your front teeth, or are hoping for bite realignment, Dr. Heir works with you to create a treatment plan that meets the needs of every member of your family. The services offered at our practice include:

- Traditional Braces
- Clear Braces
- Retainers
- Sleep Apnea Appliances
- Early Orthodontic Care

Orthodontics for the Whole Family

Dr. Heir treats patients of all ages with orthodontic services in Elk Grove. Younger patients who can benefit from early orthodontic care can visit our practice for treatment to guide the growth of their adult teeth. This allows us to create sufficient space with early application of palate expanders and other oral appliances. Patients who undergo early orthodontic treatment may be eligible to limit time in braces later or completely forego the need for braces. 

In addition to orthodontic care for kids and teens, our practice encourages adults to make full use of our services. Adult orthodontics at our practice are customized to meet patients’ desires for smile aesthetics, as well as treatment for significant malocclusion and teeth misalignment in a minimally invasive method. 

Education Focused Treatment from our Elk Grove Orthodontist

As a specialist, Dr. Heir is able to identify alignment issues that should be adjusted in order to maximize bite comfort, balance, and cosmetics. We work with patients to help them fully understand the effects treatments can have on their teeth. In providing patients with orthodontic education, we allow them to guide their own treatment, without pushing unwanted services.

If patients come in for aesthetic corrections to their smiles, Dr. Heir provides them will a full understanding of what comprehensive orthodontic care can do for their oral health. However, if patients choose to only correct a certain aspect of their smile, we do not press treatment and will help you achieve your ideal aesthetic. 

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If you are looking for orthodontic care to correct aesthetics and function, contact our team at Laguna Palms Orthodontics today. Dr. Heir provides individualized treatment for patients throughout Elk Grove and the surrounding communities.

We also encourage new and existing patients to look at the testimonials available on our site. If you have an experience with Laguna Palms Orthodontics that you want to share, call or email us!


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