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Orthodontic Treatment

Laguna Palms Orthodontics Treatment in Elk Grove - Nimrat Heir, DDS - Functional & Aesthetic Solutions

At Laguna Palms Orthodontics, we are committed to providing innovative orthodontic treatment to patients in Elk Grove and the surrounding communities. We specialize in the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of jaw, face, and bite irregularities, and are happy to work with patients to develop a personalized treatment plan. Whether you have minor teeth misalignment or need a full smile restoration, our team of experts can help you achieve a beautiful, natural smile. 

The field of orthodontics has changed dramatically in recent years. Patients are experiencing fewer cavities and missing teeth, and are looking for ways to improve the health and aesthetics of their smiles. At Laguna Palms Orthodontics, our Elk Grove orthodontist works with children, teens, and adults to help them achieve straight teeth and beautiful smiles. From early intervention braces for children to orthodontic treatments for adults, we offer a variety of options for everyone. 

Orthodontic Treatment Options

Traditional metal braces are still the most popular choice for orthodontic treatment. Metal bracket-and-wire braces are a proven method of adjusting crooked teeth and misaligned bites for patients of all ages, and treatment plans can be customized to meet each patient’s needs.  

Dr. Nimrat Heir also offers ClearCorrect® plastic aligners, ceramic brackets, and Invisalign® to help patients achieve straight teeth with an aesthetically pleasing appliance. Both ClearCorrect® and Invisalign® are completely removable for easy cleaning and are designed to correct a wide variety of misalignment issues.

What does Orthodontic Treatment Involve?

During your visit to Laguna Palms Orthodontics, we will first work with you to plan your personalized treatments. The planning phase will include an evaluation of your medical and dental history, a creation of castings of your teeth, and detailed x-rays and photographs of your face and mouth. Dr. Heir will then design custom braces or orthodontic appliances. 

Once your braces have been placed, you will visit periodically for adjustments and modifications. This will give you an opportunity to voice any concerns you have and for Dr. Heir to evaluate how your treatment is progressing. Once your braces are removed, Dr. Heir will fit you for a retainer that will maintain the changes in your teeth until stabilized in their new positions. The length of orthodontic treatment will depend on your unique situation and the severity of your misalignment. 

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