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Clear Braces

Elk Grove Clear Braces Specialist - Dr. Nimrat Heir - Laguna Palms Orthodontics

Adult patients and those who are self-conscious about the appearance of their smiles often forego orthodontic treatment due to the appearance of metal braces. At Laguna Palms Orthodontics, we provide aesthetic treatment options to ensure that patients receive necessary treatment -- without sacrificing the natural appeal of their smiles.

Dr. Nimrat Heir uses ceramic brackets and ClearCorrect® plastic aligners to help patients achieve ideally straight teeth and comfortable bite alignment. To schedule your exam and consultation for clear braces, contact our Elk Grove orthodontist today.

ClearCorrect Invisible Aligners

Much like their competitor Invisalign®, ClearCorrect allows patients to achieve a straighter smile without resorting to metal appliances. These trays are made using detailed impressions, ensuring patient comfort for routine wear and use. Aligners are worn for least 22 hours per day, and can be easily removed when eating or brushing and flossing teeth. Many patients also find that ClearCorrect trays are significantly more comfortable than their popular counterparts.

Because the aligners can be removed, many patients find this treatment to be more convenient than traditional braces. In order to achieve optimal results with clear braces, patient must be committed to wearing aligners throughout the day and night. By adhering to directions for your treatment, you receive discrete, comfortable braces to create a beautiful new smile.

If patients do not qualify for treatment with ClearCorrect, we work with them to find alternative clear braces treatment in Elk Grove.

Cosmetic Porcelain Braces

Ceramic braces provide many of the benefits of traditional metal braces. These appliances can be used to correct the widest variety of occlusal and teeth alignment issues. Porcelain bracketed braces can correct:

-          Crowding

-          Rotation

-          Spacing

-          Overbite

-          Underbite

-          Crossbite

In addition to providing the health benefits of traditional braces, ceramic brackets are matched to the color of the teeth, making them nearly invisible.

Discrete Retainers

Once orthodontic care has concluded, we provide a number of options to help patient maintain their new appearances. Bonded retainers are placed on the lingual (back side) portion of the tooth, preserving smile alignment without the hassle of removable wire frame retainers. Invisible plastic retainers are also available at our practice.

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Whether you need comprehensive orthodontic treatment with porcelain braces or the convenience of ClearCorrect plastic aligners, contact Dr. Heir today. Laguna Palms Orthodontics provides cosmetic orthodontic appliances in Elk Grove and throughout the neighboring communities.