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Sleep Apnea

Elk Grove Sleep Apnea Therapy & Snoring Treatment - Oral Devices

Snoring and the inability to gain a restful night’s sleep can be indicators of a serious condition called sleep apnea. At Laguna Palms Orthodontics, Dr. Nimrat Heir provides multiple solutions for obstructive sleep apnea, allowing patients of all ages to regain restful sleep.

If you are losing productivity during the day due to extreme fatigue, feel prolonged exhaustion after waking, or have been told by your partner that you snore, contact our Elk Grove sleep apnea orthodontist for your initial consultation.  

The Dangers of Sleep Apnea

While some patients may feel that sleep apnea simply causes snoring and is not a condition to be taken seriously, sleep disordered breathing should be treated as soon as possible. Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is the physical blockage of the airway by the soft tissue of the throat, constricting airflow, and making restful sleep impossible.

We help our patients understand the effects of untreated obstructive sleep apnea on their long term systemic health. This condition not only makes it difficult to function during the day, but can be detrimental to cardiac health. For some patients who experience prolonged lack of sleep and difficulty breathing, the risk for stroke also increases.

In order to diagnose sleep apnea, we work with patients’ primary care physicians and arrange for a sleep study. This study helps us properly diagnose obstructive sleep apnea and determine whether an oral appliance is a viable option for care.

Treatment for Children

If your child has been diagnosed with sleep apnea, improved quality of sleep can often be achieved through early orthodontic treatment. Children who have difficulty breathing at night typically have narrow airways. Dr. Heir provides appliances for palate expansion grow the airway and accommodate comfortable breathing throughout the course of sleep.

Custom Sleep Apnea Appliances

For patients unable to tolerate CPAP machines, oral appliances can be used to reorient the jaw and maintain open airways while asleep. Dr. Heir has undergone the Henry Schein® Dental Sleep Medicine Program, allowing her to work with your primary care physician to provide an optimal solution for your unique needs. Qualifying patients receive comfortable, custom sleep guards, allowing them to achieve healthy sleep patterns.

Better Overall Health with Laguna Palms Orthodontics

If you or your child are having difficulty staying awake during the day, have been told that you snore, and have trouble breathing at night, schedule an initial consultation with Laguna Palms Orthodontics today. Dr. Nimrat Heir works with primary care physicians to help patients throughout Elk Grove minimize their risk for sleep apnea side-effects.